The Mixtape / A Futurist Statement: Vol. 3

The future of gaming, techno,and 7-Eleven — grab a slushy and let’s ride

Share The Fast Times

This Is Your Brain On Trauma / COVID-19 & Mass Shootings — It’s a Very, Very Mad World

Hit Me With Your Best Shot / Don’t Post Vaccine Card Pics, Ya Pricks

Workin’ For The Weeknd / Philip K. Dick is a Motherf*cking Starboy 

Make It a Blockbuster Night / A New Flick for Those Burned by Late Fees

Cherry Slushies & BBQ Corn Nuts To-Go / The Future of 7-Eleven Hinges on Drive-Thru Windows

Click Here Click Here Click Here The Internet’s First Banner Ad was Monumentally Obnoxious

Like Sands Through The Hourglass / Rethinking The Days of Our Lives

The ‘80s, Anything But Trivial / Board of Digital? Go Analog.


As You Wish / Magically Animate Those Old Photos of Grandfather

Let's-a Go! / No Cartridge Blowing Required with These Rad Gaming Consoles

Stronger Than A Chill Pill / Techno Technically Reduces Stress

Little Jane’s Addiction / Zuckerberg D.A.R.E.s to Launch Instagram for Kids 

Dubstep Aside / Ride the Rail with the Black & LGBTQ Pioneers of Electronic Music

Because Of Detroit / Help Us DJ Holographic, You're Our Only Hope

Warrior Needs Beer Badly / America’s Best Boozy Arcades (Though Joystick Gamebar, Bang Back Pinball Lounge, and Asheville Retrocade Got Dissed on this Track)

Tribute Track:  Not the Mama, Not the Mama, Not the Mama / We Hope Jessica Walter Found Her Great Valley