Vol. 23 - 13 Heavens & 9 Hells

The Harmonic Convergence, moldavite, meditation spaces and Yes

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34 years ago this past Sunday, six of eight planets (Pluto’s a moon now, silly) aligned at the apex of an equilateral triangle formed along with the sun and the moon. And thousands of folks around the globe gathered to sing, dance, meditate, and send out vibes of world peace and harmony. 

A dude named Tony Shearer predicted the so-called Grand Trine in his 1971 book, Lord of the Dawn, though his theory was heavily co-opted from ancient Mayan history. And when Shearer introduced the concept to José and Lloydine Burris Argüelles, The Harmonic Convergence began to manifest itself, culminating in the world’s first, and largest, global peace meditation. 

We thought it an opportune time to reintroduce 1987’s phenom given the state of the world as of late, though no once-in-a-lifetime cosmic unfoldings are on the horizon, so far as we know (we’re a ragtag crew of Xers and wannabes, not astronomers). Regardless, fire up the patchouli, hop on a yoga mat, and spread those peaceful vibes to everyone around you. We all could use a collective deep breath.


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Shot Through the Chakra  / Q Gives Wellness a Bad Name

Find Your Gemini / Astrology App Shoots the Stars to Social

Don’t Goop, Glop  / Gabrielle Moss Sticks It To Elitist Self-Care

Unplug in Unison  / Virtual & Live Classes to Exercise Your Mind

Dirty Little Secret / Grody is Suddenly En Vogue


Get ready for a weekend of mindfulness (and a little bit of scandal), with this collection of films about spirituality, meditation, and yoga.

Curated by: Marya E. Gates / @OldFilmsFlicker


See The World We Started / Yes Performs “Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence)” Live

Coming off their biggest hit “Owner of a Lonely Heart” from their 1983 album 90125, Yes frontman Jon Anderson wrote the song “Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence)” specifically for the event, however due to conflict in the studio, their album Big Generator was released nearly a month too late.

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